Your Greatest Weakness

Looking for actors for reading!

Hi all!    I'm looking for actors for a performance-reading of an original play (a depressing comedy) that is all about the futility of job interviews, called "Your Greatest Weakness".  The reading will take place on May 4th at crosstown and we'll have one or two rehearsals before - so it's kind of a quick turnaround. But it's going to be fun.      Play is about an hour long.  

Aside from the lead, a female in her late 20s/early 30s - the parts can be doubled - more info below.

Send headshot and bio/resume to

Your Greatest Weakness Cast of Characters:

Ideal: 4 woman (including lead) and 3 guys


SALLIE SISSMAN: Female, Late 20s/Early 30s

Smart, Sassy, Looking for work despite all the forces of the world working against her

Fellas:   6 parts, late 20s/30s (willing to consider older - like 40s) 3 dudes could double:

One actor:

ALLEN GROMMET: Male, Early/mid 30s Annoying creative class dude - Art Director at Zapp Studios (Works for Cathy)

PAUL JARVIS: Male, Mid 30s, Owner/Manager of Info Systems Standards

One actor:

MACK STEVENS: Male, Mid 30s Creative Director at Quail (another creative studio)

CHAD: Male, Early/Mid 30s, Professional dude at a professional mixer

One actor:

GRAY DALE: Male, Mid 30s, Director of New Start Half-Way House

WREN: Male, Bonita’s assistant


The Gals - 6 parts, 3 actors

One Actress for:

TERRY SPENCER: Female, Mid 50s Creative Director at Blue Dog (another less hip, creative studio)

BONITA FREEMAN: Female, Early 50s, CEO St. Perpetua Non-Profit Community Services

One for:

CATHY SUGARS: Female, Early 40s  Overworked Creative Director of Zapp Studios

PRISCILLA MCNIEL: Female, Early 40s, Director

“Life Experience” Public School

Teaching Program


The secretary(s) - one actor:

PHOEBE: Female, Mid 20s, Secretary at

Unknown Office

BECK: (Short for Becky)Female, Mid 20s, Secretary at Zapp Studios