The Old Forest Time Lapse Project

Four Seasons in a Minute

The Old Forest is one of the very few Old Growth forests in Tennessee, 126 acres have been designated as a State Natural Area. What makes it especially interesting is that it is located in the middle of an urban area in Memphis. This project is a two-phase project, first gathering the footage of the forest through strategically placed time lapse cameras that will capture the natural changes of all four seasons in this dynamic forest, and then finding an audience in Phase Two; exhibition in a unique video tunnel that can be designed for a specific location (Memphis Airport concourse) as well as transported as a traveling exhibit (malls, libraries, and non-traditional places like truck stops). Viewers would walk through the tunnel and be completely immersed in a time lapse video -  walking through all four season of the Old Forest in a condensed space. The footage could also be used for urban transformation projects, think about transforming a hi-rise building or buildings with a projection of a gorgeous time lapse of the Old forest.

The objective is to bring the Old Forest into non-traditional areas of the Memphis area. Letting people experience the forest in urban and suburban settings will allow them to see it in a new perspective, remind them of the rare, natural treasure we have in the heart of our city. The images of the forest also speak to a larger deeper connection we all have with the passing of time, and our place in nature.

This project will involve cooperation with the Overton Park Conservancy.

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The Old Forest Time Lapse Project is Fiscally sponsored through Social Good.

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